Maternal Mental Health Month

Maternal Mental Health Month

Maternal Mental Health Month is celebrated each May to raise awareness about parents’ mental well-being before, during, and after pregnancy. Celebrating this month can mean acknowledging the importance of monitoring maternal mental health, sharing resources, talking to your healthcare and support team about these issues, and drawing inspiration from others who have shared their stories. At IBPF, we are here for you!



  • Bipolar and Babies – Webinar with Dr. Katie Hirst
  • Transformative Approach to the Assessment and Treatment of Bipolar Disorder Postpartum – Webinar with Dr. Verinder Sharma

  • Postpartum Bipolar Disorder – Psych Byte with Dyane Harwood (Lived Experience)
  • Maternal Fetal Mental Health Choices: My Story – Lived Experience Blog

  • Managing Postpartum Depression – Lived Experience Blog
  • Dr. Crystal Clark on Maternal Mental Health – Educational Video
  • Maternal Mental Health Overview Fact Sheet by Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance – PDF

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