Pregnancy Part 1 of 3 – I Didn’t Think I Would Make It This Far

“I didn’t think I’d make it this far.” This thought has been a constant on the minds of many, at least at one time or another. It is a blatant cry of lost hope, but the courageous steps of something to look forward to. It’s all about finding that ‘one thing’ that makes you want to continue on. 

My wife and I have news that we are expecting our first child in October! We recently found out it will be a darling of a beautiful baby girl. This announcement is in direct proportion to the comment made above. This is the finest instance I can think of pertaining to living for something special. 

Through the beginning stages of discussion for becoming pregnant, the number one go-to point of interest had been the worry of passing down the gene – it wasn’t so much of if we could handle the Bipolar for my wife during the pregnancy, but did we want this child to possibly have Bipolar as well? My wife knows all too well the struggles she has been through and continues to have and did not want to put another life in that situation. 

The conclusion was that of a mutual respect of life and we would both be there for the child, if indeed the gene had been passed down. It was no longer a matter of “if” the child would carry the gene, it was “we will” make this happen in as positive light as possible. 

When it is all said and done, and you have found that one thing, your new mantra should change to reflect “I’m Glad I Made It This Far.” The addition to the original statement has changed to reflect a more positive tone, “I didn’t think I’d make it this far, but I’m glad you were there to help me when I needed it.” 

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