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You Need To Talk

July 14, 2011

Elsabe Brits

When I woke up that morning in hospital, ten years ago, she stood there. The psychologist I started to see about three months prior to becoming manic for the first time. I went to see her, because deep inside myself it felt as if something was “not right”, but neither of us had any idea I has bipolar.“Please help me, don’t leave me”, I said.“I won...

My Story

June 4, 2009

Muffy Walker

Putting baby locks on the kitchen cabinets to protect her toddler was one thing, but locking away the steak knives from her seven year old was not what Muffy Walker ever imagined would be necessary. Walker also never imagined she would need to use her skills as a psychiatric nurse on her own child.When Walker’s youngest son Courtland turned four,...

About Me

June 4, 2009


I am not mean I am nice. I’m thankful for the things I have and do. I like myself so I don’t want to change. I am a lot like those around me. I have feelings, emotions too.Sometimes I might get angry, upset, surprised or excited. My emotions are built up inside of me. When I’m angry and stomping. I feel like I’m about to burst, like piñata filled...